DDS at Home

Farmer Maddien

Maddien loving her chicks!

Maddien's "Peeps"


Maddien had a successful fishing trip in the Crowsnest Pass.  Her brothers "dared" her to "kiss the fish" if she caught one.  Good job Maddien!

"Kiss the Fish"

Science at Home

Jayden completed a science project at hme "Creating Rain Clouds"  Great work Jayden - thanks for the pictures!

...more rain clouds

Project complete!

Jayden learned that clouds are formed by condensation and that when they get too heavy or saturated, precipitation will fall from the clouds in the form of rain, snow, hail, or sleet. Thank you for sharing Jayden -  So Cool!!

Home Activities

Home Running Club

Lavena and Isaiah are doing their own running club at home.  They are even keeping track of their "laps"  Way to go Isaiah and Lavena!  #stayhealthy #COVID19