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Early Learning Program - Grade 6


Our school is named in honor of Miss Dorothy Dalgliesh, a kind, considerate and very gracious lady who taught in the Lethbridge Northern School District for many years, including several at this school.  The present building was opened during the 1954/55 school year. At that time it housed grades four through seven. It was named Crescent School, a name it retained until 1967 when, during Canada’s Centennial, the name was changed to Dorothy Dalgliesh School. In the fall of 1959 the original Dorothy Dalgliesh School, which housed grades one through three, was closed and its students transferred to the present Dorothy Dalgliesh School. It served grades one through seven until the fall of 1968 when it became a school for grades one through six.                                                                                                                                   In September of 1985, Kindergarten was added to the school’s program. In June of 1997, renovations to the entire building began, and a new Gym was added to the west. A new updated Computer Room, Library and Kitchen were included in the renovations. In September of 2004, the Picture Butte Preschool joined Dorothy Dalgliesh School.


Mrs. Crystal McGregor


Dorothy Dalgliesh School Vision Statement

We envision Dorothy Dalgliesh School as a respectful environment in which teamwork and a positive attitude is a means to achieving a safe and caring school, where fun, love of learning and understanding are evidenced. The staff at Dorothy Dalgliesh School will be approachable; demonstrating professionalism and pride in all we do.

  • everyone learns and works best in a caring, challenging and safe environment that promotes self-esteem and respect for others
  • everyone has the right to personal respect and dignity
  • everyone has the right to personal safety and respect for personal belongings
  • everyone has the right to uninterrupted learning
  • everyone has the right to fair, consistent and positive discipline, aimed at promoting personal growth and development

 It is our expectation that students will:
- work hard to achieve academic excellence, physical fitness and social development
- develop a sense of pride in their school achievements and contribute towards future accomplishments that bring credit to themselves and the school       
- learn to think critically, act confidently and make independent judgements with full awareness of the consequences of such judgements
- develop independent work habits and the ability to work cooperatively with others
- develop an appreciation for the arts
- maintain a positive attitude towards learning
- demonstrate respect for the rights and feelings of others