Word of the Month

December's Word of the Month - GENEROSITY

Our ambassador for December's Word of the Month is Tommy Douglas. Because of his generosity and love for people, in 1966, he ensured that universal health care was available to all Canadians.

Generosity seems to be such a fitting word for this season. During this season of joy, please remember those who may be looking towards Christmas with dread or anxiety. Many families are wondering if they will be able to have anything to eat on Christmas, let alone a gift under the tree for their precious littles.

While you are buying gifts for your children, why not buy an extra and donate it to Toys for Tots? While shopping for your Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings, why not buy a little extra and donate it to the local food back? Please keep in mind what this season is truly about – kindness, generosity, and bringing joy to the lives of others.


November's Word of the Month - RESPONSIBILITY

November’s Word of the Month is responsibility and Sir John A. Macdonald is a great representative for this. Who is Sir MacDonald? He was a very important man – he was the one who essentially created Canada! Sir MacDonald was our very first prime minister in 1867. He believed that the people could unite and create a country and he took on the responsibility of doing just that. Sir MacDonald worked very hard to bring people together into a new nation we call Canada. Stop by the office to see the Word of the Month poster and stay tuned for more on Sir John A. MacDonald and what responsibility is all about.



October's Word of the Month - RESPECT

David Suzuki is our bannerman for respect this month. He is a huge proponent of respect for the environment, through respect for each other. Follow this link HERE to learn more about how to be respectful to the environment.


September's Word of the Month - COURAGE

Our word of the month for September is COURAGE.

Terry Fox is a Canadian hero and we honour him each September by walking and running in his memory. He showed great courage.

Click HERE to learn more about Terry Fox's courageous journey.

January's Word of the Month - Cooperation

DDS’s word of the month is cooperation. Our ambassador for cooperation is a famous Canadian lady named Nellie McClung. In 1927, Ms. McClung cooperated and worked together with 4 other women to help all Canadian women achieve more equal rights, including the right to vote. Read more about Nellie McClung on the Word of the Month poster outside the office, or look her up on Google! Here is a link to a fun page all about Ms. McClung. Interesting fact - she is also on a run of the Canadian $100.00 bill.

February's Word of the Month - Friendship

Wayne Gretzky is a gentleman on and off the ice. He is the epitome of being a good friend and demonstrated his kindness when he hired Joey Moss, a young man with Down Syndrome to be a water boy on the Edmonton Oilers hockey team. Click here for more on this amazing story, and how Gretzky became a lifelong friend and advocate for Joey.

March's Word of the Month - Acceptance

Rick Hansen is our ambassador for acceptance. When he lost his legs at 15 years old, he began to realize just how different, and sometimes unkindly, people with disabilities are sometimes treated. He decided to wheel his wheelchair around the world (yes, around the WORLD!) to bring a focus on his ABILITY, not his disability, and to encourage acceptance. Click here for more on Hansen's amazing story, and his contributions to how people view, and accept, people with disabilities today. Find out the difference he has made here.

April's Word of the Month - Compassion

Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire, Canadian soldier, advocate, and senator from 2005-2014, is our ambassador for April’s word of the month – compassion. Dallaire served with distinction in the Canadian Forces and was so affected by his experiences that he became an advocate for the world's victims of genocide, particularly in Africa. Click here to find out more about what moved him to become a powerful, compassionate advocate for genocide.

May's Word of the Month - Honesty

Did you know our Word of the Month for May is honesty? Our ambassador this month is Mr. Rick Mercer. Not only is he one of the funniest people in Canada, he has been keeping Canadians honest for years. Using his great sense of humor, he is not afraid to ask tough questions, or to tell it like it is. Click here to find out more about Rick Mercer - arguably the funniest, and maybe most honest -  man in Canada!.

June's Word of the Month - Perseverance

Mario Lemieux is a Canadian former professional hockey player, and currently owns the Pittsburgh Penguins. In his career, he showed perseverance as he was plagued by different health issues, but battled to overcome them and continue to play, and excel at, the sport of hockey in the National Hockey League. He led the Penguins, as team captain, to two consecutive Stanley Cup championships in 1991 and 1992. As owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Lemieux also led the team to additional titles in 2009, 2016, and 2017. He also won several other hockey honors like a Gold Medal in the 2002 Olympics, the Lester B. Pearson Award for outstanding player, and the Hart Trophy, awarded for most valuable player. All this in spite of various injuries and even a battle with Hodgkin’s Disease. In short, Lemieux showed perseverance and it has served him well in his life with an amazing and rewarding career.